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Why do you need this book?

Creating a website for your church or social organization can be a daunting task for the average person. With all the technical choices, options, functionality and choices it can become very overwhelming. Online Ministry 101: DIY Guide to Building and Maintaining a Church Website for Non-Technical People was written to simplify the process of creating a very dynamic web presence for your church, using instructions and descriptions everyone can understand. This book is designed to be used as a guide and reference manual to help anyone in your organization to get up to speed on how a website can work, and how they can help build upon and maintain your church website with ease.

Easy Implementation

This book walks you through step-by-step on how easy it is to install a WordPress website, as well as installing plugins and overall maintenance of the site. It is so user friendly, that a new website can be installed and published within 20 minutes. Once the framework is in place,  this book walks its readers through how easy it is to manage and maintain a website, as well as how to customize it for your individual branding needs. What’s even more important is you’re a pastor, minister, priest or elder in a church, this book can instantly become a reference guide to you to pass to all of those that choose to serve in your online ministry. Online Ministry 101 was written in a manner to show how easy it can be for anyone to take on the responsibilities of running a church/ministry website, without needing to be an official webmaster or web developer.

Learn New Exciting Things

This book will quickly show any reader how easy it is to install, manage and maintain a WordPress website. All readers will quickly understand how the content management system works, and feel comfortable exploring new opportunities to customize their application for their church or ministry use. Once the readers realize just how easy it is to use, and how easy it is to add new functionality to the website without hiring a professional web developer, the options are unlimited. This will do nothing more than encourage all that read the book to look for new opportunities to improve their churches website to better serve your congregation.

Become a Master at What You Do

Non-technical people are usually intimidated when asked to take control over a website, maintain its content and improve its functionality. Fortunately, if you follow the guidance presented in the book, all of that anxiety is removed and you become a master of that domain. The advice that is given in Online Ministry 101, allows anyone to become a master of their online ministry, as well as building immediate confidence in realizing how much is possible in the future.

Immediate ROI

No matter what package is purchased, your organization will instantly be blessed with wisdom and guidance worth 20x the amount spent. For the low cost of the book or various packages, your church and ministry will now have not only a stellar website, but a guidebook to pass along to each and every online ministry recruit. This book will provide every new ministry member an opportunity to get up to speed quickly, and almost immediately begin contributing fully.

Even more importantly, if your ministry follows our advice, you will have a new web platform that is based off of one of the biggest open source content management systems available. This means that your organization will always be supplied with updated security patches, enhance features and functionality, and access to millions of open source plugins that are absolutely free. Following our guidance, your ministry will be able to succeed regardless if your online ministry team changes, or a church member leaves. Your church web ministry foundation will be created in such a manner, that no matter what happens within your volunteers, the online ministry will still be available and easily manageable.

What you will learn

Online Ministry 101 will not only teach you how to setup a new website, but it will also teach all who reads it how to correctly configure the initial installation to establish a good foundation for the web presence to build upon. In addition, the book walks the reader beyond the installation, into how to create posts, pages, upload images, create other administrative users, install plugins and how to maintain a ministry website each week. Online Ministry 101 gives all ministries the foundation to build a highly robust web platform that can provide functionality rivaled amongst the best websites on the web, and can give any organization or ministry a stable footing to make the most of new media.

Samples from Online Ministry 101

Quick Peek Into the Book

All on the things you will learn with this book cannot be explained in a short description. You will gain 50 pages of pure knowledge. Here’s just a quick summary of what you will find inside:

  • Chapter One – Getting Started
  • Chapter Two – WordPress
  • Chapter Three – Top Recommended Plugins for your Church
  • Chapter Four – Setting Up Your Gravatar
  • Chapter Five – Creating New Graphics
  • Chapter Six – Security & Maintenance
  • Chapter Seven – Conclusion

Chapter One – Getting Started

The first chapter guides readers through the basic information, hosting plans and necessary tools required to create, update and maintain an easy to use website.

Chapter Two – WordPress

The second chapter introduces the content management system WordPress which will be the foundation for your new online web presence. This chapter also gives the reader an overview of how to install, manage and maintain a WordPress site, and how easy it is for a non web developer.

Chapter Three – Top Recommended Plugins for your Church

The third chapter lists all of the top recommended plugins that will give your church or ministry the functionality it needs to be a valuable resource to your congregation, members and patrons.

Chapter Four – Setting Up Your Gravatar

The fourth chapter helps connect the website authors with Gravatar, to help further the overall branding of our new online web presence.

Chapter Five – Creating New Graphics

Chapter Five gives readers a quick tutorial on how to create properly optimized imagery for your website using open source GIMP, as well as Adobe Photoshop software packages.

Chapter Six – Security & Maintenance

The sixth chapter gives advice on how to keep your website secure from hackers as well as internal security risks.

About the Author

Aaron Spring is an innovative professional with 18+ years of progressive multimedia and marketing expertise in diverse technologies and marketing arenas with demonstrated initiative, creativity and success. Aaron Spring has significant experience designing, developing and marketing to domestic and international markets. Have created successful marketing strategies, campaigns and graphic design for clients around the world.

Mr. Spring has decided to share his extensive experience by becoming an author of a series of eBooks to help professionals of any caliber, quickly learn and advance their careers. Over Aaron Spring’s career, he has learned from some of the best marketers, web designers and developers who have been leading Fortune 500 companies to success for decades. Mr. Spring is hoping to become a valuable resource for any entrepreneur or entry to executive level professional looking to push themselves in their career to see greater results. If you’re a self initiator, always looking to take it to the next level, and willing to take the time to teach yourself to keep at the top of your game, Aaron Spring is here to help provide guidance and coaching to see everyone succeed.

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